Bad Blogger…..But I have an Excuse! Really, I do!!

•August 27, 2010 • Leave a Comment

I know….. bad blogger! Slap me on my wrist and send me to my room! Well, maybe not my room, I’ll fall a sleep. He, he!

It has really been crazy around here. Let’s just tell the truth….. I’ve been lazy. Well, a combination of both. Kids are now both in school. Youngest one is living with the Grandparents and started school a week before the oldest. Different counties. I thought we had gotten them everything on their school supplies list but wait… There’s more. Fixing that this weekend.

As for my other excuse……… Remember the Elephant man? Now picture you face looking like that. Well, maybe not that bad but swollen just the same. If you remember from an earlier post about pulling teeth…….. you know that there were two that had to go. I guess I waited too long and until it was too far gone. Went Monday to have it pulled and by Tuesday I was the Elephant man. Had to go to the hospital and get a shot in my, you know where, and they have me on some hefty antibiotics. So…… now I only look like a baby elephant! Wouldn’t be so bad if the inside of my mouth wasn’t swollen too. Hard to swallow and definitely haven’t eaten solid food since last Saturday. Yay me!!

I tell you all of this not to shock you or have you feel bad for me. I am using it as my excuse for not being a good blogger. Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants (thanks C) to get you going again. Otherwise you will just sit here bored to death and feeling like crap!

Uga-Boo Uga-Boo Uga-Boo-Boo Uga

•July 23, 2010 • 2 Comments

Don’t ask me what it means but Grandpa used to say it so it must be ok. I always remember him saying it to us grandkids so it can’t be all that bad. Well today it is my stress reliever phrase.

It has been stressful week……. Legal battles with ex-employers. Ex-husbands that don’t want to be ex’s anymore. Kids that have gotten to the point where mom is no longer cool. Uga-boo Uga-boo Uga-boo-boo Uga!!!!!

As for an update on the “Foot Files”, my son’s ankle is doing well. Still favoring it as he walks but doing better everyday. Hope there aren’t any more injuries as I’m not sure I can really handle any thing bigger. Uga-boo Uga-boo Uga-boo-boo Uga!!!!!

So for all of you that are having stress and need relief repeat after me Uga-boo Uga-boo Uga-boo-boo Uga!!!!! At least when you say it you will smile. I know you will feel silly but hey go for it!

Uga-boo Uga-boo Uga-boo-boo Uga!!!!!

Skim Boards and Teenagers

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My children’s father and best friend came up from Orlando to see them for the day. It was a really good trip for all of them. Breakfast at the diner, chilling at the beach and fishing. All the kids went to the movies, on their own money I might add, while their dad and I took a much-needed break. Have you ever tried to keep up with two 16 year olds and an 18 year old?! That can make you feel old in a hurry.

After the movies they begged to go back to the beach. “Cool. Let’s go.” I said. Sitting on the beach at night is very therapeutic for us older people. We aren’t really that old but it’s still therapeutic. Then the fateful event was set in motion……. They asked to go back to the car and get the skim board. At first I kept insisting that they could have fun without it. After a bit of “let’s wear mom down till she concedes and let’s us have it”, I finally gave in. They had been so good that day.

So…… Next thing I know, my youngest son comes up with the skim board and says my oldest has either really sprained his ankle or broken it. Just said it as if it really wasn’t a big deal. As if he was completely prepared to just let his brother sit there until the tide came in and took him away. So much for brotherly love. Dad & I get up and go in search of the other two. Hopping along the beach they came. 

Now when you look at an injury in the dark and on the beach with the mist flying willy-nilly, it will ALWAYS look worse than it is. His foot looked HUGE!! At 18 and close to 6 feet tall his feet are huge, but this didn’t really click to my brain right at that moment. At least I can say I am proud that I didn’t panic, we just assisted in the hopping and got ourselves back to the car.

Upon arrival at the house, he hopped (literally) to the shower. Once he was out and everything was settled down, we got to take a look at the ankle. Not to bad once you have proper lighting, but swollen all the same. Gave him two pain relievers and he chilled in his room with his friend until it was time for them to leave. And as a typical teenager is still crashed in bed this morning. Once he is once again alive to the world we will see if the ankle is worse than before.

Wonder how long it will be before he is back up and on the skim board? He doesn’t let much slow him down.

Born in the Wrong Era

•July 15, 2010 • 1 Comment

This has to be one of my favorite rants. I think I was born in the wrong era! What ever happened to people saying hello to each other? What happened to knowing your neighbor? Dinner parties where everyone got together and talked about life, enjoyed the breeze, had good food and supported one another. Lazy days where the fireflies floated and kids ran through the sprinkler, messy with summertime goodness on their faces.

I’m not for going back in time to where women stayed home and ran the house while the man went and worked. I enjoy my freedoms that today brings. I just want people to get back to being considerate of everyone else. I’m stuck between the baby-boomer era and the era of kids raised by a TV, computer or video game system. Simple manners cannot be taught this way.

Does life really have to be as hectic as everyone makes it? Why can’t we just say “no” to all the demands and requests on our time? Life is so precious and short to be worried about cramming in everything we possibly can. You miss the small moments that make it worthwhile when you are moving so fast that you can’t pause to see them. Family time is lacking in this world.

It’s ok to want to make all your dreams of travel and success come true but don’t forget to stop and take in the scenery on the way.

Pulling Teeth

•July 14, 2010 • 1 Comment

Weird how getting a tooth pulled can make you think about your life…..

I had a tooth that had been broken for about a year now and finally had it pulled. Strange thing is that I was sitting at home afterwards and realized that, like my broken tooth, my relationships with my friends and family have also been fractured over the past year. A bad job, a nonexistent marriage, friends that I just can’t seem to stay in touch with.

How many broken teeth do we have in our lives? Family, friends and people that we care about. Life just seems to get in the way and we forget. Forget to call, forget to write, forget to text, forget to email,etc. I miss my friends and family that have become like my broken tooth! I want to reconnect and have tea or coffee. Have a simple friend to eat lunch with that can talk about anything, everything and nothing at all. I want my family to reconnect and have those great big get together’s that we had when we were all kids. Man…… was so simple back then.

Maybe this realization can help me repair  my broken connections before they are pulled and no longer a part of me. Maybe I can take the time to reconnect and remember the small things. Maybe we all need to remember to say and do the simple things before those opportunities are no longer available. Maybe we can prevent having to pull any more teeth.